2018年7月20日 星期五

We went to science museum today

Today I want to tell everybody about that we went to Science Museum, that was a fun place, I played there for a day, I love this museum, it is the best museum I've ever seen, and today it closed in 7 o'clock.

Today when we went in the museum, I felt very happy, this is the first time I go to a museum like this, this is wonderful, this is very hard to do like this. We played some, then we went to a place that teaches engineering.

They have some good machines to play, the best part is a place where you can make things with the things they give you, I made a long thing, when you put the thing in the place the fan will blow it, you need to go in the place they want.

The long thing I made is like a rocket, because when I put it in the bottom, it will go down, then the thing becomes faster, then the thing goes out, that means I failed. Last time, I made it in the blue range. I was very happy.

After that, I took my rocket to the place that the people are, and show my rocket to the person who let me make the rocket, then I said 'I finished' the person said 'awesome' then I disassembled my rocket into parts to recycle, then I got a medal.

I think today I felt happy, because today we went to the best museum, that is a science museum with lots of good machines, that is a good place to go, and there is a duck tour station, too. If you want to go to duck tour, you can go here.

2018年7月19日 星期四

Today we went to the best university: Harvard

Today I want to tell everybody about that today we went to the best university in the world, and yesterday I already told you that what is the name of the best university in the world, its name is Harvard.

When I was little, I always think MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is the best school, it is the first place for Technology, but if all of the subjects mixed up, the best school is Harvard, if your home can't get lots of money, they will still make you go in the university.

They will help the people that can't get lots of money, that is a good thing, I think everybody can go in the good school, that is very good, I always want to help people, so when I grow up, I will get money and help people.

If you help a person, maybe the person will think you are good, then when you are bigger, maybe the person will help you, this is the reason I want to help people, but I don't want to help people that is lying, they just want people give them money.

Harvard is a good university, I want to go to Harvard, but do you know Harvard is hard to go in, because you need to have a good brain, you need to know lots of things, they need to know the things more than your teacher.

I think today I felt happy, because today we went to Harvard, that is an excellent university, I love it, because I really want to go in.

Duck Tour and Blue Man show

Today I want to tell everybody about that today we went to sit in duck tour and we went to see a show, the name of the show is Blue Man Show. They are all very fun, I love today, this is a fun day, I love it.

In the morning we went to eat Dunkin' Donuts, you can call it DD, that is a great restaurant in America, and other country doesn't have this restaurant, I don't know why, and Boston is a place that doesn't have lots of McDonald's.

There are lots of DD, you can find Dunkin' Donuts everytime everywhere, there are two Dunkin' Donuts in Back Bay station, Boston eats Dunkin' Donuts, and other city in America eat McDonald's, this is how you eat.

I don't know why America people love to eat the thing that is not healthy, but they are yummy, like hamburgers, Donuts, but salad is healthy, America people love to walk, sometimes they are very healthy, but sometimes not.

Blue Man Show is very good to see, they are very strong, they know how to be very funny, a Blue Man gets a phone, but he uses too much numbers at the password, so I think he will forget the password, I want it to happen.

I think today I feel happy, because today we went to watch Blue Man show, and that is a funny movie, and you must go to watch it.

2018年7月17日 星期二

My MIT visit

Today I want to tell everybody about that today we went to the best technology university in the world, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. We can name it MIT, MIT is in Boston.

There is also another excellent university in Boston. I think you know this university, the university name is Harvard University, but today we didn't go to it, the second place is a university that is very far to Boston, the name of the university is Stanford University.

They are great universities, maybe they are not very beautiful, when you see outside, and maybe some school in Taiwan is prettier than them, but they don't need to be very beautiful, they just want to use it, they are different from Asia.

There was a person that took us to know about the school, and that is a hard thing to do, because you can't be very scared about it, if you do, you are not fit, if you want to go in this university, you need to make a roller coaster.

I think today I felt happy, because today I went to the best school, it says you need to fail, fail and fail, then learn more, then you will succeed.

2018年7月16日 星期一

I walked 22 thousands steps, do you think that is many?

Today I want to tell everybody about that today we walked 22 thousands steps, do you believe it? Let's guess the answer. Let's talk about what did we do today then we can talk about does anybody believe we walked 22 thousands steps.

Today we went to some churches like Old South Church, and Trinity church, but we have no time to go inside them, we still need to go to other places, if we use lots of time on this place, then we can't go to other places.

When we finished it, we went to Old South Meeting House, we saw lots of things there, we can see the things inside, that is a machine, if you press the button, they will show you the person you want to find.

Then we went to eat lunch, we will eat lunch and go to other places with another family, the family is nice and they are all very smart, we ate seafood, and I drank milk, we had a yummy lunch.

We went to lots of places with a red line made with bricks called Freedom Trail, and we went to the places that the red line told us to go to, that is a good line if you want to come to Boston, I love this line, it is very very long.

Now let's talk about steps, we walked 22 thousands steps, which is the most step we can walk, we can't walk more than that.

I think today I felt happy, because today we went to some fun places, and I hope I can have fun in these days, do you? The next thing makes me happy is I think these steps we walked in these 4 days is the steps that we walk for one year in Taiwan.

2018年7月15日 星期日

Today we went to Plimoth and Plymouth

Today I want to tell everybody about that today we went to Plimoth and Plymouth, do you know why they are different? It is because before they are all thinking about different way to spell, and Plymouth is bigger than Plimoth.

In the morning, we went to a train station near our hotel, but I don't think so, it's name is called Back Bay station, we always go to this station to eat the breakfast, we eat Dunkin's Donuts, I ate hamburger.

After that we went to a place to rent a car, but you still need to give the car back to them, the car we rent is a gray one, the person that is working said this is the same level as Ford Mondeo, but we don't think so.

My Dad is a good driver, he let us to go to the place where the old America is, its name is called Plymouth. Plymouth people make things to eat. They try to live, they need many things to be alive, they are very strong.

We went to lots of places like water front, it is a place that have a big stone, some people people think everybody that from May Flower stepped on this stone. This stone is just a normal stone same as the stones that you see next to the road.

I think today I felt happy, because today we went to see the old America, and they use corn to make the soup, and they can cook lots of things, so I think they are very strong, that is the main thing that why I think they are strong.

The second happy day in America

Today I want to tell everybody about that today is the second happy day in Boston, and today we are going to a museum with lots of animals that lives in ocean, they are very good at swimming in the water.

The animal that I want to see is the turtle. Squirtle is a turtle, and I think that is very cute, so I want to see it and use my Squirtle to see the turtles I want, I think that will be very fun if I use my Squirtle to stick on the glass.

There is a thing we went to before we went to the aquarium, we went to the whale watch ship, we can see whales in the ocean, and there are lots of people in the ship, there are only some whales, there are not too many whales.

I like the time when the boat speeds up, because the wind will be very very strong and the wind will make you feel cold, but I like it. Sometimes the wind can blow me away a little bit, we stay on the boat for 3 hours.

Then we went to the aquarium, we felt happy there, I like the turtles there,and I love the Squirtle in my bag, I don't know why I love turtles, and I think they are cute, do you think they are cute, you can tell me.

I think today I felt happy, because today I went to see my favorite animal, turtle, so I feel very good and that is the best museum I went, I really love it, it will be very good to see my favorite animal, it is a great chance.