2018年2月25日 星期日


Today I want to tell everybody about Cyclops, because it is in Mobile Legends, and I saw a book called Britannica Learning Library. When I am in bookstore I saw this book, I think it is good to read, so we bought this book home.

Before when I am playing Mobile Legends. One time, I use cyclops, and I got MVP. My father asked me: is this your first time to use? And I said: yes.

My father think I can use it very well, but I didn't use it many times, I only used it one time, because I love my hero called Lesley.

When the enemy wants to go away, I can use my third skill, if you want to go away it will make you stop moving, and it will hit you.

And when I am looking my book, I saw this story and is very funny. This story is about one person see the cyclops. Cyclops said I will go out, that person give grape juice to cyclops, cyclops said what's your name, that person said my name is nobody.

And he used a tree to let cyclops' eye cannot see. So cyclops run away, and it's friends see it, so it's friend said who hit you? Cyclops said nobody, so his friend went away.

I am happy today, because today I saw a book and I think that story is funny, so it is interesting, I think I love this book.