2018年2月18日 星期日

Eat hot pot

Yesterday I went to my grandmother’s house to eat breakfast and lunch. My breakfast is two bread and inside have chocolate sauce.

You can eat it in many breakfast store, because this thing is yummy and it is easy to make. So if you want to eat breakfast, you can go to eat this thing in many breakfast stores, but if you want to make you need to wait for the bread.

When it is afternoon, we cook hot pot in grandmother’s house. We eat corn and many vegetables, and then we ate many things in there.

When we finish lunch, we played with Beyblade.  I fight with my sister my sister’s top is good! and then we change top, I win, but if  my sister use that top I will’t lose.

After that we need to go home, so I take my things, and we can go home now. When we go home we read the book and have some fun.

And then it is evening, we eat dinner, and then we play a game called Mobile Legends.  So now it is 10 o’clock.

When it is night we take a bath and we sleep in the bed. When we are sleeping, we are waiting for tomorrow, because one day is very fast.

I am happy yesterday, because I ate yummy breakfast, and I eat yummy corn. These are my favorite food, because I eat many time and I love it.