2018年2月28日 星期三

Medusa,Thor and Loki

Today I want to tell everybody about Medusa's story. This story is talking about a girl is beautiful, but there is a girl named Athena wants to see who is pretty, but another girl let her change to a monster. If you see her eyes, you will be a rock.

And there is a person wants to defeat Medusa. When he defeated her, her blood makes fly horse, but she has sister, so they cannot go away.

But he has a hat that can can let them become invisible. So they run away and her sister is angry. And they can go home, but her sister will say he is bad.

Now I will tell you another story. This story is about Thor and Loki. And they are brothers, but Thor is angry, because he cut Thor's friend's hair.

So he gave Thor her hair and a hammer. And he gave Thor's friend a gift, and his hammer is little, but he like this hammer.

I already finished these story and they are good to read, maybe you cannot read, because this book is in Chinese, so maybe you cannot read.

I think these stories are good, because the story is funny, and I think I like to read these story because they are legends.