2018年2月23日 星期五

Paper sword

Today when I am in English class, I made a paper sword, somebody makes a gun but I make sword. I made a paper sword, because we want to play with these things, so we make these and we can play with our things, and it will be fun.

After that we need to go home to eat dinner, and then we read a book, when I finish reading two books. I go to make another paper sword, because I want to make a nice one, last one is not very good, so I want to make another one.

I take a box and two piece of papers, but I only need one paper, so I put one paper away. And I made a paper sword. When I finish, I see my new one is bigger than my old one, and it is better, so I don't need the old one. I only need the new one.

I use my new one, and I think this is very good, so tomorrow I will play it. I hit many things, but it didn't broke, so I want to use it many times.

If you want to play with this, you can use your things to make it, maybe you'll think it is fun to play, so you can make more and your family can fight with you.

I think today I am happy, because today I made two swords. And I made a good one and a so so one. Maybe you can fight in a place.