2018年3月4日 星期日

Turn defeat into victory

Today when I am playing Mobile Legends we played one time, and that time we turned defeat into victory, because we defeated all enemies, so we can push the tower and then we win, but their Bruno is good, because he can kick many soccers, so I will be dead, and I add him as friend.

When I am playing, I used Lesley, I think their Fanny is good, but my father thinks she is bad, because I have been defeated, when she hits me.

When we are hitting Lord, Bruno has stolen the Lord, because he goes here, and Bruno kick some soccer, so enemies have slain Lord.

When I saw him slain Lord, I am not happy, but there are nobody to protect Lord, so I have defeated the Lord, and I am happy.

When their Lord has been slain, we go top lane, and we destroyed many turret, and then we go to mid lane, and destroyed the turret, so there base is under attack.

This is how we turned defeat into victory. And we destroyed many turrets, when Fanny wants to defeat me, their base is broken, so we win.

I think today I am happy, because today when I am playing Mobile Legends, we turned defeat into victory, initially we didn't do well initially, but we still win.