2018年3月26日 星期一

Karrie VS Gord

Yesterday I used Scratch Junior to make a video, Karrie wants to defeat Gord, so Karrie use her shuriken, so Gord is dead.

When Gord wants to use his third skill, Karrie wins, so Karrie has slain Gord, but if Gord uses his third skill, Karrie will be dead, because his third skill is strong. Gord is not bad, but he loses, because Karrie is strong too, so he cannot defeat her, she can use her third skill.

Maybe Gord can win, but he needs to have his third skill, but I think it is strange, because why Karrie shoots one, and he dead.

Maybe it is because Gord only has a little bit HP, if he has many HP, maybe Gord will be the winner, so Gord will be stronger.

When I am using Gord, I think he is a good hero, but maybe you use third skill wrong, so then enemies will defeat you.

I didn't used Karrie, so I don't know how strong she is, when I watch YouTube, I saw many people stronger than me, so I want to learn.

I hope you guys can follow Bluepanda, he is a good youTuber, and I saw iflekzz, they both are good at playing Mobile Legends.

And if you didn't see their video, I didn't say you are not good, and I saw Demonal,  I like to see their video, maybe you can see.

I think today I am happy, because yesterday I made a video, and today I made a video, this video is talking about Mobile Legends, too.