2018年3月23日 星期五

Listen to my Dad's speech

Today when I go home, we ate dinner. And then my Dad told us "we can listen to his speech", because he wants to share with us and I like to listen.

When my Dad is speaking, I think my Dad is good at speaking, so that's why I like to listen to my Dad, but sometimes I feel bored.

In the computer, we watched a movie that I am writing blogger, and I am cute, because I am not sitting on the chair, I just lean on the chair.

Then I saw many videos and photos that can help you to learn many things, like reading a book and go to travel, many things.

Sometimes maybe people think playing video game is not very good to learn, but I think lots of people don't think this is a good way to do.

My Dad told us three things to do, first, you need to write down the things, and remember it, second, you need to use these things, third, you can forget something that you don't need.

I think today I am happy, because today I listen to my Dad, so I feel happy, I learned many things, and I will remember it.