2018年3月6日 星期二

New hero Valir

Today when we logged in to Mobile Legends, we saw a new hero called Valir. And my sister bought this hero, this hero is a Mage, he is strong, because when my sister is using, she used him very well, and she bought his skin.

If you buy any skin, that hero will be stronger, my Lesley got physical attack +8. And every user can have a free skin, it is Zilong's skin.

And if you go to play Brawl or Classic, you can get Oddette puzzle, if you get seven, you can have Oddette, so you can get a new hero.

If you don't like to use Marksman, you can buy another hero, because Valir is strong too, so maybe you can buy Valir.

When I am using Gord, I think he is good too, so maybe you can use Mages, And my sister bought Zhask before, and it has four skills.

So if you don't want to use Marksman, I hope you can use Mage, because Mage can use many skills to make enemies be dead.

I think I am happy today, because today I played Mobile Legends, maybe I can fight many Classic so maybe I will have Oddette.