2018年3月16日 星期五

Robots / 機器人格鬥王

Today I want to tell everybody about robots, because today I read a book is talking about robots, this book is new, so I don't think now this book is in the shop.

When the book is in bookstore, and you buy it, you'll get a package with items which can make robot, so maybe you will like to make robot, and you can read a book, this is very good.

And this book is talking about the little boy like to kick soccer, so he always goes to playground to play soccer, but his mom said you need to go to another school.

When he go to another school, he wants to go to play soccer, but there are no people likes to play soccer, he saw a club called robot soccer.

When he joins the club, he needs to go to a place to do a competition. The first thing to do is you need to use blocks to make something, the boy makes a soccer, so he can go to another competition, later I will say what next competition will do.

This competition is about that you need to make a ball, but he doesn't know how to make it, this ball is hard to make, you need to learn it.

I think this is good to read, because I think robots are cool, so when I am reading, I think I love this book, maybe if the book is in the bookstore, you will think it is interesting.