2018年3月30日 星期五

Spring holiday mode in Mobile Legends

Today when I was playing Mobile Legends, I saw a new mode called Spring Holiday Mode, when you are playing, you'll think it is strange.

There are many things that is hard to remember, you can see many eggs on the ground, if you get the egg you will be stronger.

I know one egg is if you has been slain, enemies will be very hurt, if you get this egg, you can beat a lot of enemies, I love it.

And I got a thing, I think it is strange, its shape is not like egg, it is a meat, if you get it you can be very big, so your attack will be strong.

When you are in the battle, everyone can get it, this will make you be faster, when it is beginning for the game you are level four.

You can use the ultimate at the beginning of the game, Pharsa is strong, so she can use her ultimate, but last time she lose, we think we will lose, but we win.

And then I will tell you about one thing, if you want to buy Martis, you don't need to buy, you can just buy gift pack, this is better.

Lots of people are saying Martis is bad, but I don't think so, because I think Martis can be a good hero to use. I like him.

The last egg in the Spring Holiday Mode is rabbit paw, if you get it, you can revive all your HP and mana, this is good, too.

I think this mode is not very good and not bad, so I think I like it, I use Martis, he is a hero, lots of people think he is bad.