2018年3月15日 星期四

Yi Sun-Shin / 漫畫大英百科

Today when I am reading Britannica Learning Library. I read about Asia. When I am reading about Korea. I saw Yi Sun-Shin.

And this hero is in Mobile Legends, too. He is good to use in Mobile Legends if you use him very well, you can get many MVP.

If your HP is not many, he can use his third skill to make you be hurt, so you will be dead, but if you use it not good, maybe you can not be MVP every times.

When you get MVP you will feel happy, but if you didn't get MVP, maybe you will be unhappy, but I will not be unhappy.

Before today, Yi Sun-Shin is the best hero with high win rate, but now the best hero is Johnson, now the second hero good to fight is Yi Sun-Shin.

If you are using Yi Sun-Shin you can go on to the boat, so you will feel very fun, because the boats can let you go everywhere.

I think this hero is so so, because I never use this hero, I think when I am using, I will feel fun, maybe you guys will think he is good.