2018年4月8日 星期日

3 MVPs in 3 ranked games

Today when I and my father were playing Mobile Legends, we played lots of ranked mode, and now I and my Dad and my sister are in Master level.

If we want exclusive skin for free, you need to be Master, if you go to Master you can have fans and you can make a stream.

If you are higher than Master, you can do that too, and you can get more battle points, and you can get more tickets, this is very good.

Maybe you can try to be higher than Master like Grandmaster or Epic, and maybe you are Mythic or Mythical glory.

I don't know who is the first place in the rank, I think the first place is Mythical Glory and 1000 stars or more, this is hard.

If I can look at his stream, I will add friend, so maybe he can play with me, and then I can learn about how to win.

If you are my friend, maybe I can play with you, and we can say something, and we can gank enemies, so we can win.

If you think you can play with me, you can do what I say, I like to use Lesley and Martis, so you can play with me well.

If you want to use tank or fighter, I can use Lesley, if you want to use marksman or mage, I can use Martis.

I think today is happy, because today I am Master, and I've got three MVPs, this makes me like to fight with my Dad.