2018年4月17日 星期二

I felt happy today

Today I want to tell everybody about I got 100 in my Mandarin exam, and yesterday I hope I can get high score, so today I did it.

When I saw my exam is 100 , I felt very happy, when I go home, I told my Mom, my Mom said I am good, so I felt more happy.

After that I told my Dad, my Dad said I am good, so I felt very happy, and tomorrow is the Math exam, I want to get high score, too.

If I get wrong, I will feel very sad, maybe I will cry, so I need to have a high score in the Math exam tomorrow, I hope I can do it.

If I get high score tomorrow, my Mom and Dad will say I am good at Math, so I can feel very happy, and maybe I can get more happy than today.

Today I feel happy, and today I got 100, so if tomorrow I want to be happy, I need to try my best to get 90 or more, maybe I can get 100 .

Today in my school, only I get 100 , so I am the first place in this exam, I want to get first place in Math exam, so I will try it.

Maybe today I can practice about this a little bit, so tomorrow I will not be very tired, and I can write it well, so I will not get wrong.

If I can get 100, I want to do it, but I think that is not easy, because today only I am 100 , that means this is very hard to get high score.

I think today I am very happy, because today I get 100 in my Mandarin exam, I want to get 100 in my Math exam, I really want to get high score.