2018年4月10日 星期二

I played better now in Mobile Legends. Part 2

Today I want to tell everyone about another thing I played better now in Mobile Legends, and today I will talk to you about which one is the best road to walk.

If you are in top lane, but you want to go to mid lane, but you don't know which road to walk , so this is very important.

If you know this, you will not be dead lots of times, if you are on top lane, you want to go to mid lane, you can't go across the big road.

You can go to jungle place, so maybe you can defeat jungle monsters, and you don't need to be dead, because they are scared when you are in your jungle place.

If you want to defeat the enemy's jungle monster, you can't go with nobody, you need to have three people or more, so you will not be ganked.

If you want to defeat lord, you need to defeat all of the enemies, because if enemies are not dead, and you are fighting lord, and the enemies can get lord if they are good.

If they can defeat you guys, they called out lord, the lord helped them to destroy your turret, and then they can destroy your base.

This is why my Dad always tell me, this is really important, if you don't know this, maybe you will be dead lots of time, you can practice this.

When we are practicing, we use VS AI, but now the computer is better than before, so we can't easily defeat them.

I think today is happy, because my father told me about these, and my father said I am better than before, he say something good to me, so I love my father.