2018年4月24日 星期二

Today we had jump rope race

Today when it is morning and I am in school, my teacher said 'later we need to have a jump rope race in the playground, everyone needs to practice.'

When I heard that, I felt very excited and I hoped I can get 30, if I get high score, my Mom and Dad will feel happy, and then they will think I am good at this.

Our class went outside, and we want to practice, but I think maybe I can get high score, so when I went to line up, I just wanted to get high score.

We have nine classes, and we need to go to a place with judge, and the person needs to count how many times did we jump.

When I was jumping, I wanted to get high score, and I need to try my best, I really wanted to get 30, nobody wanted to get low points.

When I was jumping, I felt very scared, if I missed, I can't get 30 , if I can't do that, I will think I am very bad, and I don't like it.

When the judge said I can stop, I felt very happy, and my friend said her judge count to 70, so she jumped 70 times, and I felt very excited.

I asked her 'is it real?', 'this is real' my friend said, so I really don't know why the judge counted to 70, maybe the judge forgot what they need to do.

When we finished this race, we went back to our class, and then my sister needed to do this, so not just 9 classes needed to do this.

I think today I felt excited, because today we had a race in school, and I got high score, I felt really happy, this is not easy, this is not very easy.