2018年4月23日 星期一

Tomorrow we have jump rope race

Today I want to tell you about tomorrow in my school there will be a jump rope race. Later I will tell you about what is the rule of the race.

Tomorrow I will feel excited, because maybe I just jump a little bit, so our class can't get high score in this race.

Everyone has two chances and the higher one is your score, the best score is 30 if you jump 30 times, you can get the highest score.

I think everyone can do it, but one my classmate just can jump 3, so maybe our class can't be better than other class.

If we can get the score that higher than other class, and we are the first place, I will feel very happy, but I think we need to practice more about this.

When it is break time, sometimes I and my friends, will go to practice jump rope, now I can jump many, so 30 is easy for me to jump.

If it is easy to jump 30, I still need to practice this, because maybe you can't jump 30 you just get 20, so I need to practice.

If you get wrong, you can have second chance, but you can only have one more chance, if the second time you missed, you can't go again.

This is why I wanted to finish this the first time, I don't want to use my chance, I can't miss, I need to try very hard to jump 30 .

I think today is excited, because tomorrow there is a race, and I want to have good score so today I practice, now I know how to get high score.