2018年5月5日 星期六

How to get credit points in ML

Today I want to tell everybody about that how you can get credit points in Mobile Legends, because today I missed some, but now I am 100.

When I am playing VS AI, I need to throw the trash to landfill, computer thinks I AFK, computer minus two credit points.

I used Lancelot, now I have three heroes that is strong, if I use, but I am not like the top global, top globals are very strong, I can't defeat them.

When we are watching TV, my Dad used Messenger to talk with us, my Dad said I need to find how to get credit points.

I opened Mobile Legends, I saw the rules of credit points. The way to do is to log-in Mobile Legends every day or finished one game.

My Dad said maybe I can play Brawl, because if you play Brawl, you can take shorter time than other games in Mobile Legends.

We lose, but I still can get credit point from that game, so you don't need to win, you just need to finish that game, so this is easy.

I don't know if you play custom, can you get create point? If you try this, you can tell me in Mobile Legends.

If you can get create points from playing custom, you can get lots of credit points, because you can leave the match, so you will win.

I think today I have a little bit surprised, because if you can finish one match, you can get one credit point, this is very easy to get.