2018年5月23日 星期三

I learned math today

Today I want to tell everybody about that I learned Math with my Mom, and we look at the book that we got yesterday.

And they are all Chinese, but I can use English to tell you, so you don't need to know what is in Chinese, so now I will start to tell you.

And the first part I learned how to know which time you can get the thing you want, but that I already know, the hardest one is the division.

Grade one only taught the plus and minus, but I still want to know how to do the hard things, and now I have the best score in my class.

I am not learning plus and minus, I am learning division and I always forget how to do that, so I need to remember the formula.

If I can remember it, and I can try the harder one and then try the harder one, and then do the best I can, to learn the things people don't know.

I want to have a contest, but there are no math contest in my school, and let people know how can I do, they will think they want to defeat me.

If everyone is clever, and we can have a contest, but I think I can't do very good, because I have wrong answer when I don't check again.

Check your work is the best way to get high score, but sometimes when you are checking, you don't see a thing, so that is very unfortunate.

I think today I felt happy, I don't really know, but I know how to do the easy one, so I will do my best and learn more.