2018年5月28日 星期一

I made a rocket for my sister

Today I am going to tell you about I made a rocket for my sister, because Wednesday is her speaking contest and today is my speaking contest.

When I know that today is my speaking contest, I felt very excited, because maybe I can't be very good and everyone will think I am not good.

I wanted to have a good time, and not being scared, just do the best I can do, so everyone will think I prepare lots and lots.

And now I just get two reward cards, and max is four cards, and in our school, there is one person got four cards, that is amazing.

I only got two reward cards, I didn't get many, so I want to help my sister, my sister can get cards, I can't get it, but I can know that is my help.

First, my sister and me took a piece of bottle, then we put some paper on the bottle, then we paste on it, so it can be white rocket.

Lots of rockets are white, so we did it, then I cut some triangles, then stick on the box, then I color them all red, I made four of them.

I stick them all on the rocket, so they can be very good, so when my sister is speaking, she can put the rocket on her shoulder.

Before this, my Dad and my sister made some cards, and she needs to hold them, so the judge can know about Jupiter more.

I think today I felt happy, because I made a rocket with my sister, and I thought that looks good, but maybe you will not think that is good, so see you tomorrow.