2018年5月15日 星期二

The next hero I want to use

Today I want to tell everybody about that the next hero I want to use, so you need to listen carefully, now my favorite is Martis.

Martis is a fighter, so my Dad said maybe I can play fighter, he said the top tier fighters now are Jawhead, Ruby, Chou or Balmond.

Chou, Balmond and Jawhead are like a tank, so I would like to choose Ruby to be the hero I want to use, my Martis is pretty strong.

In the past few days, when I am playing with my Dad, I got five MVPs in Classic Mode, and I've got many victories, this is how strong I am.

If I can use Ruby very strong, and like my Martis, and try to be stronger than Martis, this is what I wish I can do.

Ruby is very strong when there is a team fight, because Ruby can do many crowd control things, she can catch all of the enemies.

When Ruby catches them, then Aurora use her ultimate, after that Johnson uses its ultimate, and then Odette uses her ultimate, so enemies will be dead soon.

But I think that is hard to do, because your teammates will not do like this, they'll just use the heroes they want to use, so you need to invite your friends.

If there is no team fight, Ruby is not strong, Ruby needs to catch lots of enemies, if you catch two or more, this team fight is easy to win.

I think I can use Ruby well, but I need to practice a lot, because when I want to use Martis, I practiced lots of times.