2018年6月21日 星期四

Guess how many points I got

Today I want to tell everybody about that the score I've got in the Mandarin exam, and give you a clue, it is not 100.

First, my teacher gave me a high score 100, but my teacher found a mistake, so bye bye some points, do you want to know?

Give you another clue, you can use 3 to time, and 3 times 33 is the score that I've got, do you know how much?

Give you more clue, the score is the biggest number that have two numbers, this is a good clue, do you want another one?

It is a score that almost same as the score I got first time, which is 100, is the closest number to 100, do you know?

The closest number to 100, but you can't choose the number more than 100, because if you get 101, you are a god.

Give you another clue, the score I've got is between 95 to 100, but it is not 100, so later I will tell you the answer.

The score I've got is 99, when I saw that, I cried, because only a little mistake, and I can't get the highest score.

This is so unfortunate, I can get 100, but now I've got the worst score in this world, 99, so bad, no 100, and my class don't have any 100.

I think today I felt happy, because today I got a score more than 90, but I got the bad score, no 100, so unfortunate.