2018年6月17日 星期日

How long did I slept yesterday

Today I want to tell everybody about that yesterday I slept a long long time in the afternoon, and I slept to the night.

When we come back from my grandmother's house, it is almost 3 o'clock, and I brushed my teeth, then go to sleep.

Before I sleep, there is a super funny thing happened, 'do you want to sleep?' said my Dad, 'I don't want to sleep' I said.

When I said to my Dad, soon, I was sleeping, and can you feel funny, this is very funny, funnier than what I think.

I think it is funny, because I said I don't want to sleep, but I sleep, but I don't know how to describe, this is not like a lie.

If I am lying, I will say 'Dad, I want to do my work'. Then I just sleep, then don't do my work, but I didn't said I want to work.

When I wake up, I saw the clock, and the time is 8 o'clock, so can you know how many hours did I slept?

A. 3 hours
B. 5 hours
C. 7 hours

The answer is B, because 8 minus 3 is 5, you can ask your parents, they know how to do this question, because they are smart.