2018年6月13日 星期三

Mayhem mode skill info

Today I want to tell everybody about that Mayhem mode skill info in Mobile Legends, and there are some different things.

Hayabusa is the strongest hero in Mayhem mode, and his first skill will be lots of darts, and the ultimate can hit you to death.

And Zhask can call out lots of worms, so it can protect the base very well,  because if they go inside they will die, they will feel scared, and don't come.

And they are OP hero or you can say meta hero, the best tank is super Johnson,  when he throw the axe, there will be electricity.

And it will not get your HP, but you will be slowed, so you will be stun then slow, Johnson can put all of the teammates in the car.

So if you want to go to mid lane with your teammates, you can call Johnson to get all of them into the car, then kill the enemies.

Then you can easily win, and Lancelot's first skill can use lots of times when he found a thing, even monster or hero.

You can kill Lord if you have enough mana, mana is the most important thing of the hero, because if you don't have any mana, you can't use skills.

Some heroes don't need a mana like Martis. Lesley and Fanny have energy, too, but they can regen the energy faster than what you think.

I think today I felt happy, because I tell you about some info in Mayhem mode and there are some different skills in Mayhem mode, like Vexana, Odette and Cyclops.