2018年6月23日 星期六

Summer vacation is coming

Today I want to tell everybody about that summer vacation is coming, and we can have a long holiday for 2 months.

You might have a lot of homeworks to do for summer vacation, but before that, I need to do more quiz, because of my English class.

When I finish the exam in my English class, I will not having any quiz or exam, but I really need to do my best.

If I get a high score in the last exam, I can have a nice time. And I hope everybody will have a good summer vacation.

I don't know how fun can summer vacation be, I just know we can get a long holiday, and this is the longest holiday.

It will be fun to go to other countries, so we can know what is the fun things there, so next time maybe we can go.

If you go again, you can find out different things there, and you will have lots of fun there, I like summer vacation.

Summer vacation is the best holiday, holidays are very good, that is much much better than what I think about.

Summer vacation is good, but New Year and winter vacation are very good, too, they are the long holidays in Taiwan.

I think today I felt happy, because the summer vacation, the best holiday is coming soon, I am so excited.