2018年6月27日 星期三

The last sports class is coming.

Today I want to tell everybody about that the last sports class is almost coming, tomorrow I have to overcome that.

The bad thing is sports class, but the good thing is tomorrow is the last sports class, the last sports class in this year.

I said it is the last sports class is because when the summer vacation is finished, I am going to do a very good thing to escape sports class.

And the good thing is homeschooling, you can't do sports in your home, because if you rope jumping in your home, the person that lives under your home will feel very bad, because they will think you are very loud, and they will feel bad.

Do you know that sports class is the worst class in this world, because I can run fast but I can't do that for a long time.

If the car doesn't run too fast, you can even run faster than a car, but if car run very fast, you can't win the car. But if you are faster than cars, but you will still lose, because cars won't feel tired, but people will feel tired.

Nobody won't feel tired, everybody has a start and everybody have a end, so try to have a beautiful end in your life.

I think today I felt happy, because tomorrow is the last sports class, and sports teacher is very easy to be very angry.