2018年6月15日 星期五

What happened in my AOV, because I ate KFC

Today I want to tell everybody about that I ate KFC, and something happened in my AOV, that is a secret, you can't tell anyone.

When I saw a paper that say if you eat KFC, you can get something in AOV, and I got one but I want the better one.

The best gift is limited in number, so this is very very hard to get, and I am not lucky, so that is impossible.

If you got the better one or something good, you can tell me, so I can know that you are lucky, and tell me how.

If you have some idea, you can tell me, too. And I can try to use your idea, so I can get the good things, this is what I want.

I don't know why everytime I am not lucky, so I want some lucky things, I want to get something to make me luckier.

When I got it, I felt surprised, because that is not the thing I want, that is just experience card, and diamonds.

Diamond can change lots of things, but it can't change to hero and skin, so this is why I think not so good.

The things I want are heroes and skins, because other things can't do anything, and hero, is good, and skin is good, too.

I think today I felt happy, because today I got a thing I don't care good or bad, I just want gift, so let's eat KFC.