2018年7月10日 星期二

Lego Lego time

Today I want to tell everybody about that now I really love to make things with Lego, and I think that is an excellent toy, and I think now there is only one toy can make me feel happy, and the toy is the main character of this blog, Lego.

Now are you really know about how to make a great thing with Lego? Now I am going to tell you what thing I made of Lego, it is a thing that will make you feel surprised. I made a little airplane with Lego.

I have lots of Lego blocks to make, because yesterday I and my Dad and my sister destroyed lots of things made of Lego, the biggest thing is an airplane.

We destroyed an airplane, and now I make an airplane, this is very strange, I can just don't destroy it, and it is still an airplane, but do you know why we don't keep it, you can think harder, so do you know the answer?

The main thing that my Dad think about is destroy the things you made before, and make a new thing, then the new thing will be better and better, because you destroy the old one and make the new one then you can learn more and more, so you can get many bricks, and you can make these things even better than the big airplane.

I think today I felt happy, because today I made an airplane, and I made an airplane that don't have any people, that airplane is for luggage.