2018年7月4日 星期三

The second day in Japan

Today I want you to tell everybody about that today is the second day in Japan, and there are three days more that I will stay in Japan.

When we finished eating breakfast, we went to a garden, and there are lots of lavender, flowers are very beautiful. You can buy lavender ice cream, and that is very special, you can only buy chocolate ice cream or milk ice cream and maybe strawberry ice cream in other shop. You can buy lots of ice cream in the normal shop, but you can buy lavender ice cream in the garden that we went to.

July is the great month that you can see lavender, and they are all very beautiful, and don't pick them up. If you pick them up, they will not be very well anymore, so you need to use your eyes to look, don't touch them.

Then we went to sit on a car that you can see all of the farm, we went to two of these, then we are going to eat lunch.

After eating lunch, we went to a beautiful green pond, and there are lots of sticks on the river, and that is very beautiful.

When we need to go back we went to sit on the bus, and we took a long time to go to our hotel, and now I am in it.

I think today I felt happy, because today I am still in Japan, and I saw a beautiful pond, and that is the best pond.