2018年7月5日 星期四

The third day in Japan

Today I want to tell everybody about that today is the third day that I am in Japan, there are only two days left to stay in Japan.

This morning we went to the restaurant that is in our hotel, and we ate breakfast in the restaurant, I ate some corns, and some bread.

When we finished the breakfast, we are going to go to the first place that we will go, we went to a special street. And there is a clock, every fifteen minutes, the clock will ring one time, and the clock will alarm every hours. So, that means the clock will alarm two times every hours, we saw the clock alarm 13 times, and I don't know why.

When we finished watching the clock alarms, we went to a shop that sells some boxes that when you do something it will sing a song. It is called music box. We didn't buy any, because I think that is boring, and I don't really like the box, so we only went a short time.

After that we went to sit on the bus, then we went to a mountain, that has a very special animal, and I don't know how to say it's name. I asked my Dad and he said it is Tengu, a legendary animal in Japan.

When we finished eating yummy lunch, we went to the last hotel that we are going to live, I am writing now.

I think today I felt happy, because today I did lots of things and they were more fun than lots of things that I went to.