2018年2月17日 星期六

Mobile Legends

Today I want to tell everybody about a game called Mobile Legends, because before we play a game called Arena of Valor, but that game is in Chinese, so we turn to this game. When I am playing this game, I buy a hero called Angela but it's defense and attack is not very good.

I use Angela a lot of time and it can hit many people. If a hero want to hit, it can use many things to hit you, so you will be dead.

And I know a hero called Layla, everyone has this hero, because this hero is the first hero everybody gets. So you can use it, if you think it is good.

When you get Layla you can also get a hero called Zilong, so you have two heroes. And now you can fight with many people.

If your attack is very fast, hero will be dead very fast, because you can get power from hero, and hero cannot fight with you.

If you want to play you can play with many people, because many people from Philippines play this game.

I think Arena of Valor is better than this game a little bit, because I think Arena of Valor hero is cool and they can use many things to fight with people.