2018年2月28日 星期三

Quick Win @ Mobile Legends

Today I played Mobile Legends. And I defeated many enemies, so this game is easy to win, but enemies are also not bad.

When we defeated 23 enemies, they only defeated our 2 people. That means we surpass them for 21 heros. Therefore they can't defeat us.

If you want to defeat me, it is not very easy, because I use Lesley very well, sometimes I will lose, today play six games, and I lose two games.

Sometimes you will think enemies are good, and not easy to defeat, but today we win one time, and at that game, initially we think we will lose.

If you think you will lose, you can try your best, and maybe you will win. And if you defeat the Lord, and you don't walk with the Lord, maybe Lord will be dead.

So maybe you will win if you try your best, and defeat enemies, if you do that your win rate will be good, so you can win many times.

I am happy today, because today I played Mobile Legends, and I play six games, we win four games, so I think today is happy.