2018年2月20日 星期二

Play Miya

Today I want to tell everybody about Miya, because first day I play Mobile Legends, I use a hero called Miya, many others. She can hit enemy many times so you cannot go away before you die. And I will tell you her skill later.

Her first skill is making your attack stronger, so you can use that to push the tower down or clean up the little people.

That skill is my pushing tower skill. And now I will tell you her second skill. Her second skill is a circle, if you go inside you will be hurt.

And if you go in for a long time, you cannot move. So I can hit you and you will be dead, later I will tell you the third skill, I think it is good.

The third skill is being invisible. If you want to go away, I can use that skill and hit you, so you will be dead, so that means I can use her well.

So sometimes I use Miya, and I can let many people know I am a good player. So I can have many friends, and I can fight with my friends.

I am happy today, because today I played one time, but I didn't use Miya. I used my favorite hero called Lesley.