2018年2月26日 星期一

Play Mobile Legends

Today when it is evening I played Mobile Legends and I used Lesley, my hero is good, because I can fight on one lane by myself.

I clean up the top lane. And then we fight with the lord.  And then our team called out the Lord, and it goes to middle lane. When the base is only 50% I use my physical attack, and I destroyed the base. And I got MVP.

I used Lesley and got MVP many times.  I played 36 times and I get 19 MVP.  And my father said I am good at playing Mobile Legends.

You can add me as friend my name is called Alpha go. Maybe you can give me a skin, so I will feel happy, but I already have Lesley skin.

If you have heroe skin, your physical attack or something will be +8, so you can fight with people easily, if you are tank, your defense will +8.

I hope you guys can add me as friend, if you also play this game, maybe I will give you a skin, but if you don't play with me, I cannot give you the skin.

I am happy today, because today I played Mobile Legends, and I used Lesley, maybe you can use Lesley if you want to fight.