2018年2月8日 星期四

Six degrees of space

Today when I am in my English class. Our teacher said we can go to six degrees of space. So I am very happy.

And this time is my first time to go to six degrees of space. So I am excited, because I think I will not win.

Number five time. I am number one. So I am happy, because when there are only three people I and one person shoots one person, and that person dead, so I shoot another person. And I won.

If you want to fight, you need two or more people, because if you don't have two or more people. You cannot play, if you only have one person. You only can shoot you. You cannot shoot anyone.

I am happy today, because today I play a very fun game. And the game is about you need to shoot people. See who can shoot everyone. And now I know how to shoot.