2018年2月20日 星期二

Use diamonds to buy a hero

Today when I am playing Mobile Legends, I used my diamonds to buy a hero called Lesley, because my sister asked me: Which one should I buy, Lesley or Fanny?

And then she said: I want to use a hero called Fanny, I think she is good.

So I use another hero called Lesley, when I am using this hero. I think that hero is easy to use, and I can use very well. So I love this hero called Lesley.

If you want me to choose Lesley or Fanny, I will choose Lesley, because I used it, and I think this hero is easy to let enemies die.

Maybe you will think Fanny is better, but I don't care.

And later my sister said: I want to buy a hero called Zhask.

We fight with computer and we win, but we fight with real people, we almost won, but we lose this time, because they killed the lord.

When we finish this battle, we feel very sad, because just a little bit we can win. And they are very strong, because they have one person very strong.

I think today is happy, because today we played Mobile Legends and we won many times, but last time we lose, so I'm sad, after that I feel good.