2018年3月4日 星期日

My Lesley steady victory with sister and Dad @Mobile Legends

I want to tell everybody about what happened when I am playing Mobile Legends, today when I am playing Mobile Legends, our team is good, so our enemy thinks they cannot win so they surrender. And we win very fast, but they are also not bad.

When our coins is more than enemies, our money is no less than enemies anymore, so we want to slay the Lord, then they think we will win.

Maybe they can win, but they surrendered, we win and they know how strong we are, this game is amazing, so I think it is an amazing victory.

When the enemy turret only have a little bit HP, I go into the turret, and I destroyed the turret, when we are fighting Lord, enemies surrendered.

I think when I am fighting Lord, enemies want to surrender, it is because they think if we slew the Lord, the Lord will destroyed the base.

Maybe when you are fighting with enemies, you can tell your friends, so you can defeat them, but if you don't call your friend, you cannot win, because you only have one person.

I think I am happy, because today when I am playing Mobile Legends, I have amazing victory, and I think our team is better than theirs.