2018年3月19日 星期一

Enemies are better than us, but we still win

Today when I am playing with my father and my sister, we think they are better than us, but we didn't lose.

First time when we are fighting Alpha, we win, and then other three enemies comes here to gank us, but their Pharsa died.

And then their Harley died, when they grow up, they destroyed our many turrets, and they slew the Lord, but when they called out the Lord, we slew it, too.

When their Lord has been slain, we slew second Lord. Second Lord will be stronger than the Lord, when the Lord is fighting the base, the Lord died, so we cannot destroy their base.

When their base only have a little bit HP, my dad's Zilong died, and then mid Lane super millions wants to destroy enemy's base, so we win.

And my dad played another time, when his base is under attack, my father ran to enemies' base to destroy it. So my dad won, with their base only with a little bit HP left.

I think today I am happy, because today we played a game, and we think they are better than us, but we still win, so I think we are lucky.