2018年3月29日 星期四

Environment / 漫畫大英百科

I read a book about environment at Britannica Learning Library, inside this book, there are many things you need to know.

The first thing you need to know is that some animals are becoming extinct, so everybody can't chop the tree, if you do it, animals will be dead.

The first part of this book is you can't chop the tree. The main characters saw somebody chopping trees, so they call police officer.

And they saw a river, but some water is not clean and is dirty, so that means you can't drink the water in that river, so you can't put trash in the river.

Somebody washes clothes in the river, if you do that, river will be very dirty, and fish will be dead, and the river will be red.

If you smoke or do something bad in the sky, the air will be dirty, so you will be sick, and we need to plant lots of trees.

If you use insecticide, the air will be dirty, maybe you can open the window, so the air will not be dirty, later I will tell you more.

You can use environment-friendly paint to color your house, if you do that, the air will be clean, I will tell you two more ways to clean the air.

You can use wet towel to clean your room or you can turn on humidifier, if you want to clean the air.

I think this book is good, because you can learn about how to clean and plant trees, these are the ways to make you stronger.