2018年3月22日 星期四

I watched a movie

Today when I am in the school, we saw a movie, but this movie is in Chinese, so maybe you will not know what is this movie about.

This movie is talking about one little boy and his sister in their school, the little boy is good at painting pictures.

He went to art class, and his teacher thought he is the best child in painting picture. Other children cannot draw like that beautiful.

He draw a flying dog eats the moon, and people scared about the flying dog, so the moon come out again, and then he took this picture to a competition.

When he finished the competition, he got first place, but he has been sick, and then he died, so his father throws his certificate in the fire.

His teacher went to his house, and he said he got first place in an international competition, when this movie is finished, I saw his father is easy to be angry, so I scared.

I think this movie is good to watch, because this movie is funny, and he got first place, but I think I am sad, because he died.