2018年3月31日 星期六

Martis / Mobile Legends

Today we played many times, but first time we lose to AI, computers are stronger than before, so it is hard.

I bought Martis the day before yesterday, I love Martis, because he is a good fighter, he uses his first skill and second skill and then use physical attack.

If you see lots of enemies, you can use your first skill, and then you use your ultimate, if you do that, maybe enemies will be dead.

Martis is a good hero to jungle, I like to use him to jungle, so maybe you can bring retribution, you can use him to slay turtle.

When Martis is coming, everyone said "Martis is not good to use", but I bought it, and now everyone says he is a good hero.

Maybe you think Martis is the worst hero, but I don't think so, I think he is the best to use, and the second is Lesley.

She can use her first skill, and then use physical attack, you will be hurt, because when she used her first skill, and then use attack, you will be hurt.

And today I used Moskov, he is a good hero, he can use his second skill, and then use the physical attack, you will be dead.

And today my sister used Johnson lots of time, she can use Johnson very well, she can use his ultimate to fight with enemies.

I think today is happy, because today I used Martis well, I can fight with lots of people, Maybe you can fight with me with Martis.