2018年3月5日 星期一

Only nine minutes, we win | Mobile Legends

Today when I am playing Mobile Legends, I played with my father and her sister, I used Lesley,  and we played Ranked mode, I see we only use nine minutes and we win, so I am surprised. When Alucard is fighting Lord, I go to fight Lord, too, so the Lord has been slain, and I am only level eight.

Once upon a time, I have been slain, because Layla used her gun. And another time, Roger wants to defeat me, but I went away so I win.

When the turret only has a little bit HP left, I go inside and I destroyed the turret, and another turret, too. I go inside and I destroyed the turret.

Once Tigreal got a little bit HP, and I am, too. I want to recall, but I shoot one, and after that, Tigreal has been slain.

When I am fighting Lancelot, I shoot one, and Lancelot's HP is not much, so I shoot another one, and Lancelot has been slain.

When we are fighting base, I have been slain, so I changed to Layla's view, but Layla is enemy. In the last part, it shows we are defeated, but actually not. We won. However I forgot to change back.

I think today I am happy, because today I played Mobile Legends, and we finish this game in nine minutes, so I think our team is good.