2018年3月28日 星期三

Plant / 漫畫大英百科

Today when I am reading Britannica Learning Library, I learned many things about plants, and now I will read this story, this book is interesting.

There are two people want to make plants stronger, so they want to teach main characters, later I will tell you about this story.

The first part of this story is the girl kicked the ball, so the plant was hurt, the girl wanted to pull the flower down, and two people came.

They saw the little girl pulling the flower, so they taught main characters, these two people made the flowers stronger because they have magic.

First, they asked main characters "what's the difference between plants and animals", the little girl said "rice and water?", but she got it wrong.

The little boy said "plants need water and air",The teacher said "you are right, plants need these to get stronger", and then what happened?

And then the teacher asked main characters "what's special for plant?", main characters said "this question is so difficult."

The little boy said the answer, the answer is animals can move, but plants cannot move, plants can't move, but plans is strong.

The teacher taught main characters how to see how old the tree is, if the tree have one circle, that means one year old, so if there are 10 circles, it is 10 years old.

I think this book is good to read, because you can learn about plants. I like this book, because I learned many things about plants.