2018年3月10日 星期六

Play with my friend

Today when I am playing Arena of Valor, I saw my friend online, I asked him: can I play with you. So we played together.

First time we played 3 VS 3 , but we lose, I used Lubu. And the enemy has Superman, but Superman is strong, so we lose.

When we played second time, and we played 5 VS 5, but we lose again. So we don't want to play anymore, because we didn't win.

When we played second time I used a Fox hero called Fennik. I can use first skill, so if I use physical attack four times, you will be hurt.

And its second skill is good to clean the minions. So if there are many minions, you can use second skill and your physical attack, so they will be dead.

And its third skill is a crowd control technique, if you go inside the area, you will be very hurt. And if there are many enemies, you can use third skill.

I think today I am happy, because today I played with my friend, but we lose every time, so I feel a little bit sad.