2018年3月14日 星期三

Travel Frog

Today I want to tell everyone about one game, this game is called Travel Frog, inside the game you will get a frog and you can name it.

I called my frog 吉吉 , but this is Chinese name, so I only can write Chinese. If you get this game maybe you can try if you can play in English.

If your frog go outside, you don't need to be scared, because it will go another place, if it come back, you can get a photo and you can get some special food.

If your frog go outside, you can put some food on the table, it will come back later. However, sometimes your frog just don't come back.

Your frog will read a book or eat food, if some animals is coming to your house maybe they will give you something.

And maybe snail will give you a ticket, if you want to get something, you need to get some tickets, if you get five tickets, you can play gashapon machine one time, if you buy something which is different, maybe you will get a ticket, so you can play many times.

I think this game is fun, but I think Mobile Legends and Arena of Valor is better, I have some photos, some photos are easy to get, but some photos are very hard to get.