2018年4月28日 星期六

I am now Grandmaster

Today I want to tell everybody about that I upgraded from Master to Grandmaster, when I see that, I felt very happy, now I will tell you why I can do it.

Before that I will tell you what we go out in the morning, we went to a family day of my school, we do lots of things and I felt happy.

I can be Grandmaster, it is because yesterday I am Master one, and I had four stars, I thought I can be Grandmaster, everyone wants it to happen.

I played with my Dad, first time we played Rank game, and this time I can get one more star, but now I am Grandmaster, because I already have four stars.

When I was playing, I saw everyone was Grandmaster, so the enemies are too, now they don't need to have any Master people, they are Grandmasters.

When I was Grandmaster, my Dad wants me to fight with him again, but I am scared if I lose, so I just don't want to play Rank mode again.

We won lots of times, when we are playing, maybe computer will choose the person that is stronger than us to defeat us.

This is why I don't want to play rank anymore till I think I can do it. This is hard to think about, because if you think you will lose, maybe you can win.

If you think you will win, maybe you will lose, I think I wanted to play classic, you can do like me, but I think I did it wrong, because maybe I will also win in Ranked game.

I think today I am happy, because today we went to a family day, and I upgraded to Grandmaster, this makes me feel very happy.