2018年4月6日 星期五

I got two MVPs in two matches

Today when I was playing Mobile Legends, I played with my father. The first game, my father used Alucard, and I used Lesley.

We went to mid lane, when I and my father are stronger than everyone, we pushed the turrets, and then we went to destroy the base.

Then we won, we think we are strong, and I got MVP, so I got one MVP, I wanted to get two MVPs, so we fought again.

We played Classic mode, when we were fighting, I felt scared, because I thought I will lose, probably I can't get two MVPs.

Later I and my father wanted to kill lots of heros, so we went to gank lots of opponents, and we pushed lots of tower, this is fun.

If we didn't defeat lots of people, we can't destroy their turrets, because when we are fighting their turret, their hero can defeat us.

When we are fighting their base, you can guess what happen later, if you guess it, it mean you are good to guess question, I will say answer later.

Now I can say the answer, the answer is I and my father won, and I got MVP, because I said I got two MVPs, so that means I can get MVPs.

If you think I am good at playing this game, you can say it, maybe I can get another MVP later, so I can get three MVPs in three matches.