2018年4月29日 星期日

I went to a Math exam

Today I want to tell everybody about that I went to a Math exam, and we ate McDonald's for breakfast, it is delicious to eat. This is my favorite breakfast.

I ate on the car and we went to a place that we need to have a Math exam. There are two parts we need to have the exam, and we had a break time, my Mom told me when it is break time, I need to go to the restroom.

When the teacher gave us exam paper, I felt very scared, because maybe I can get high score, I will feel very happy, this is why I felt very scared.

If I can get high score, I can tell my Mom, if my Mom hears that. She will think good at it, maybe my Mom can give me some present.

My Mom is a good person, so I think maybe my Mom can give me a surprise, if she can give me this, it is very good.

I think maybe I can't get high score, I think this is not too easy, so I need to try very hard, I can say this is not easy, because when I am writing simulation test, it is not easy.

When I am writing simulation test, lots of times I need to talk with my Mom, so you can know how hard it is, it is not very hard, but you don't think that is easy.

If you want to practice Math, you can bought the simulation tests, and you can do like me, go to the exam, so I think you can get high score when you need to have a math exam.

I think today I felt scared, because I had a math exam, when I had the exam, I think that is harder than lots of things.