2018年4月3日 星期二

Kids' day party

Today our school has kids' day party, yesterday I hope today can come soon, so today is happy in the school, and I played air cushions.

Today I brought lots of toys to our school, my classmates bring lots of robots and tops, I want to play, but my home don't have it.

The morning we played air cushions, and I thought they are very fun to play, but today we just played a little bit, so I feel sad.

The outside one is the best air cushion, because we had lots of fun in that air cushion, we can play a lot, and we can have more fun.

I want to have lots of air cushions inside my house, so I can play with these, and I can have lots of fun, but today we didn't play a lot.

After that, somebody in school, and they teach us about how to protect mud and water, so we can protect everybody in this world.

We played a game, the rule of the game is every team has five lands, two people come out, see who can win, so you can pick up enemy's land.

First time our team lose, they pick our land, they pick up three, but we only pick up them one, so we lose, later I tell you after that what happened.

After that, we can see the girls race, one team is better than another team, one team picked up three land, but another team didn't pick.

I think today is happy, because today I played air cushions, and we played toys and games, this is a fun day in the school, this is the best day in the school.