2018年4月9日 星期一

I played better now in Mobile Legends

Today I want to tell everyone about that I played better now, my Dad always tell me I need to farm, and when I clean up minions, I can go to jungle.

If you defeat the crab, you can get lots of coin, if you defeat some jungle monsters, but they are not strong, you can get HP.

If you defeat some monsters, and they are very strong and hard to defeat, so you can get power buff, if times up, you don't have that power.

If you want to fight, maybe you can defeat the jungle monster that is stronger, we called them purple buff, later I will tell you other thing.

If you get HP, we called that green buff, and if you defeat the crab, you can get coins, and we called that gold buff.

If you want to win enemies, you can defeat purple buff, but some buff can make you look inside the bushes, but I don't know which is it.

If your coins are not much, you can defeat gold buff, when you defeat it, you will get 150 coins, and then you can get 10 coin in one second, but there is a time limit.

When it is 10 seconds, you can't get any coins for gold buff, but if you want to get the gold buff, it is not easy to get.

This is my father told me before, tomorrow I will tell you more, if you are excited, you can wait for tomorrow, you don't need to wait for long time.

I think today is happy, because today I tell you guys about what my Dad told me, but I didn't say all of the things, I just say a little bit.